Fraker has made over 175 appearances since publication of "Lincoln’s Ladder to the Presidency: The Eighth Judicial Circuit" in October of 2012. Among these are appearances on nationwide NPR and public television.

These include a wide variety of venues such as:

  • The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
  • Chicago's Abraham Lincoln Book Shop
  • The Harvard Club of Boston
  • Chicago Museum of History
  • Caxton Club
  • Kenosha's Civil War Museum
  • The Lincoln Forum in Gettysburg
  • Illinois State Bar Association Symposia
  • Cantigny Park (Chicago, IL)
  • Annual Meeting of the Texas State Bar Association

Guy's presentations included numerious appearances around Central Illinois, including Lincoln College. He appeared in Chicago, at the Caxton Club and the Chicago Museum of History. He spoke at the Lincoln Forum in Gettysburg.

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