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Guy C. Fraker, Author

"Lincoln’s Ladder to the Presidency: The Eighth Judicial Circuit"

Now in its fourth printing, the book focuses on the terrain and history of the area and its people. It describes Lincoln’s impact on the area and its impact on him. The colorful story deals with the personal side of Lincoln and his relationships with his colleagues, clients, and the communities of the Circuit. It examines a cross-section of his practice and the nature of his cases. It also looks at the identity of the participants in the cases and analyzes Lincoln’s considerable networking ability as he built his law practice and political base. It follows the contributions of his circuit comrades through Lincoln’s presidency and how he looked out for them during those years. It closes with the response of the area to his murder and the return of his remains through the Circuit to his final rest.

(Updated in the Fall of 2023 by SIU Press to paperback version.)

"Looking for Lincoln in Illinois: A Guide to Lincoln’s Eighth Judicial Circuit"

In this book Fraker guides travelers down the quiet county roads that Lincoln traveled as he made his rounds across the Circuit. These roads lead to the locations where Lincoln practiced law, including sites where he stayed. It is not difficult to imagine Lincoln’s presence in these quiet locales. The book provides detailed directions, five maps of the routes, and more than 90 images of the people that impacted Lincoln and the places where so many significant events occurred. Showcasing Courthouse Markers, County Line Markers, Looking for Lincoln Wayside Exhibits and numerous other points of interest, this unique book invites travelers to traverse the terrain and visit the places which Lincoln passed and visited.

Guy C. Fraker, Author

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